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Benjamin Prabowo Sexton (né Lichtenstein)

Born Jakarta, Indonesia, 1984. 
Arrived Melbourne, Australia 1987.


2007 – 2009: Bachelor of Fine Art (Photography), Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.

Solo exhibitions:

2017 - Bound For Glory, collaboration with Oscar Perry, The Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne.
2015 - Even Dim Stars Add Light To The Universe, held as part of the Independent Photography Festival, Doomsday, Melbourne.
2015 - Living In Oblivion, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne.
2015 - Flower, Fort Delta, Melbourne.
2014 - Paperwork, 136 Johnston Street, Melbourne.
2014 - Crescent, Neospace, Melbourne.
2013 - I Know You Will Be Happy Here, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne.
2013 - Run, Warwick Baker, The John and Marion Frye Collection, Los Angeles.
2013 - Death Adder, Chapter House Lane, Melbourne.
2012 - Cereal Dust, Neospace, Melbourne.

Selected group exhibitions:

2017 - Hyper Hyper, curated by Andy Gomez, Michael Reid Gallery, Berlin.
2016 - Group Show: Second Iteration, a collaborative exhibition with Arts Project Australia, Arts Project Australia, Melbourne.
2016 - The Bends, curated by Claire Capel-Stanley with Lucy Caldwell, PhotoAccess, Canberra.
2015 - Group Show, a collaborative exhibition with Arts Project Australia, Chapter House Lane, Melbourne.
2015 - The Alchemists: Rediscovering Photography in the Age of the Jpeg, curated by Cherine Fahd, Dr Martyn Jolly and Suzanne Buljan, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney.
2015 - Very Liveable As Is, With Room To Polish Presentation, curated by Sarah Barrow and Josephine Franklyn, 174 Albion Street, Melbourne.
2014 - View From The Window, Edmund Pearce, Melbourne.
2014 - Mental, Muddguts Gallery, New York City.
2014 - Christina’s World, curated by James Bowen, Fort Delta, Melbourne.
2014 - Das Boot Fair, curated by Oscar Perry and Esther Stewart, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne.
2013 - This Has Been, c3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne.
2009 - Graduation exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.
2008 - Proud, Margaret Lawrence Gallery Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.
2007 - Everything Forever, curated by Thomas Jeppe, 672 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North, Melbourne and Palm Court Gallery, Perth.


2013 - Finalist, Bowness Prize, for Run, Warwick Baker #3.
2006 - Winner, Kodak Salon at Centre for Contemporary Photography (Excellence in Photomedia) for Saturday night’s alright.